one week.


seven days.

either way, it’s a short amount of time before i step onto a plane and fly away. is it okay that i’m a tad bit scared? oh, i’m excited and am so happy about being in germany for six months, but a little nervous at the same time.

wanna come? having someone i know coming with me would make it an awful lot easier. but then again, i’m only allowed two pieces of luggage and walking into an airport with 50+ bodybags would look rather strange.

oh well. it’ll be just me.

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  1. you and pete just made me laugh really hard.

    i went to the harder math course today and i was so nervous that i was sick to my stomach. but i’m sooo glad that i changed classes- i love it already. it’s going to be a lot of work though. *sigh* :p

    i can’t wait for christmas so i can see you. 🙂

    oh, and i joined “campus for christ” and i absolutely love it! i’ve met some amazing people and i got to go to a chrisitan rock concert the other night too. it was a lot of fun. yay!

  2. That must suck in a way, having to leave in less than a week. Gosh! I couldn’t imagine.

    You going to Camp Overlook? If not, then I guess its goodbye on here. Till next time (if that be in six months), don’t convert!!!! (Ask Julia what I mean if you don’t get it)

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