there were six of us making our way down the street to the favorite cafe around, Cafe Hobkar. almost the whole student body had gone earlier but due to a “Sing Team” practice, we were the late ones. we drank hot chocolate and cappucino’s and didn’t pay a thing due to the tall seventeen-year-old guitarist on the team who is a very nice boy. we walked through the rain and my german singing friend, marina, and i held one of the boys jackets over our heads to try to stay dry. we talked of ages, how much spending money they had, and what our plans are for after school. i like getting to know new people.

she and i dried the dishes for lunch today. it’s an hour process to do dishes and we have eight people doing different duties. she has long brown hair, glasses, and is the happiest most upbeat person i know. she sang and i sang along. she suggested i pick a song but didn’t know the one that i started. she said she was limited to worship and disney songs. i laughed and told her that she should pick them out. she’s one of the girls who talks to everyone. i like that about her.

everytime he talks or smiles i think of my uncle pootsie. he has long red curly hair that’s rather bushy and has larger shoulders than my daddy or his younger brother, poots. he has lunch dishes as well and had me pushing him around the kitchen because the floor was so slippery from the water. he’s so much like my uncle that i almost expected him to suggest i scratch his back. but i’m rather happy he didn’t. how awkward that would’ve been…

my Jesus is good and so faithful. we had the most lovely service last night with communion and left-over communion bread that we took upstairs to our dorm room. we had a time of worship and for the first time, i didn’t feel so uncomfortable. yes, it was lovely.

3 thoughts on “people

  1. I so miss you and your infectious happiness. But that infectious happiness is what makes me sure you will bring a blessing to all those you are meeting. Jesus is good and faithful, and I can see He is watching well over my sweet daughter who is in a new place. Keep shining — you are so special…

  2. Isn’t it wonderful how the presence of God makes us all at home with one another? What a wonderful way to get to know others.

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