i often laugh at my little boy, merrick, whose life revolves around movies. he memorizes them, talks about them, and created a “movie game.” and then i realized that i’m not much better. everything makes me think of different movies…

we had a guest in tonight to teach our two evening lectures. he looks extremely french and his accent is so fun that when he asked questions, i wanted to respond with a, “wee wee!” he made me think of sabrina, of cafe’s on the street, and the accordian playing some french song while she writes her letters.  somedays i do feel like her.  now i just need to find linus who has millions…

just kidding.  : )

it’s been raining since dinner time and during one of the lectures this evening, we could hear the rain and saw it coming down on the windows. i thought of that other movie, that starts out with rain in the city, and that certain line, “well, i’m not like every other woman you know” that i quote so often. and one can’t forget that lovely favorite song that goes with it…

one fine day, you’re gonna want me for you’re girl.

see, i really am bad. i’ve felt like i’m living a movie, i’ve quoted a movie, and now all i have to do is play the game. so i’m thinking of a movie…

i’ll get back to you on that one.

7 thoughts on “movies

  1. The game is as popular as ever with you know who. I think I will scream, and then I remember that some day it will be the last time he asks for it. Now that is a sad thought, isn’t it…

  2. Thanks for the post… thanks for the email – it made my stressfull now-36-hours a little better. 😉 Missing you terribly.

  3. I have loved reading your posts! I know that I don’t often comment(hard to do with a one year old on my lap!), but I have enjoyed them! Keep enjoying your time there!

  4. Ha ha… this reminds me of a movie I saw the other day….


    Wow… I never say “J/K”
    That felt so lame… why did I do that?

    Oh well, I forgot what my origional comment was and I’m late for class so… Yeah, whatever. Hope Germany keeps being fun.


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