gettin’ to the big stuff

i don’t know why, but i still can get online.

today we had a question and answer session. all kinds of questions were asked but one really caught my attention. a boy raised his hand and said that a few nights before, his room had been discussing tongues and he was really confused. i perked up, waiting to see what the principal of the school would say. as he told of his views, the boy sitting next to me asked, “i wonder what that sounds like. have you ever heard somebody speak in tongues?”

i smiled and said, “actually i have.”

3 thoughts on “gettin’ to the big stuff

  1. thats really awesome.. i miss you so much. and i know you are gonna reach so many people there. Have fun! so what were the principals words? did he agree?

  2. Well can you get to the little stuff and post about me. 🙂


    Hope that you are doing well.

    CFA isn’t the same without you.


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