who i am

“i like you, louissa.”

“thanks amy.”

“i didn’t know about you at first — you know, knowing that you’re a new yorker and all. i didn’t know if you’d have an attitude or not.”

the other day i was learning line dancing (oh yes, i was learning line dancing and beans, i was dancing to shania’s, “any man of mine”) for our American presentation and someone thought it was so funny to see the new yorker “pretending” to be country. i started to explain that i’m surrounded by farms, cows, and lots of green fields, but it still didn’t seem to register. a week ago i heard someone say, “oh yeah, louissa must know all the ghetto slang. she’s from new york.” i have some ghetto music on some of my cd’s and that’s more reason to assume that i’m so urban and cool.

i’m starting to just laugh whenever something is said. eventually they’ll really get to know me and realize how uncool i am. but for now, i’m the mac daddy (see, i just called myself the “mac daddy.” so not cool.) and i’ll enjoy it.

– – – – – – – – –

i’m wearing my retainers every night.
i’m walking and exercising every day.

i don’t journal every day.
i don’t drink as much water as i should every day.

someday i’ll be able to do it all.

2 thoughts on “who i am

  1. that’s really funny. i’ve gotten that kind of thing before. “you live in new york?? you’re so lucky.”

    lucky? heh, maybe…i don’t about that one. 🙂

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