i’m thankful

today was just plain discouraging.

but since it won’t do any good for me to sit and think on it, i’ll think about something else…

1. i’m thankful for my three roommates. nadine, ashley, and janel are my bestest friends here and i’m so entirely thankful that i have a room with them. sure, i might be biased, but i think they are the three most wonderful girls here at school. last night we had a “room night out.” we made ourselves pretty, took the bus into town, ate dinner, ran for some ice cream, and then missed our bus home and had to wait twenty-five minutes for the next one which gave us more time to talk and laugh. we talk about lectures and what God’s been showing us. we talk about childhoods and all the funny things we did when we were kids. we talk and talk and talk and are already sad that in three months we’ll have to move into different rooms.

2. i’m thankful that people here are interested in building relationships and really care about others. i’m thankful for the one who noticed i was a bit out of sorts and encouraged me.

3. i’m thankful for having a small group and going and waking up one of our staff leaders to sing “Happy Birthday” to him. i’m thankful for two creative girls in our group who made the birthday card so i didn’t get stuck doing it.

4. i’m thankful for another opportunity to do something i love – sing. you would laugh if you knew what i was singing…

5. i’m thankful for a mom i can email when i’m not doing well and getting an email back that always makes me smile.

6. i’m thankful that i’m here to focus on my Jesus and grow closer to Him and nothing else really matters.

okay. i might go take a walk to clear my head a bit and then go to bed.

good night.

5 thoughts on “i’m thankful

  1. did you get my e-mail?
    you are almost through the worst of it, another week or so and you should be fine most of the time. Your in my heart and on my mind weese, love you.

  2. don’t know what Url means. glad that it isn’t required. 🙂
    was mindful of you and your need for prayer on wednessday afternoon. so i prayed for you. I hope that you are having a good time in Germany, sorry to hear your news (your mom shared it with your dad and the fam on thursday morning i think;)
    God is caring for you and preparing you in all of the (sometimes unpleasant) events you are facing.
    will continue praying, please have fun in Germany.
    Stephen M.

  3. p.s. started reading your blog. what alot of fun!. these are truely remarkable and incredibly impressive items to read. keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you abundantly where you are,
    God Bless,

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