happy happy birthday

there is hardly anyone in this computer room, which is a miracle. we ended lectures early tonight but were not given our usual ten minute break during the two hours. i guess i’ve really gotten a routine down because by the end i felt like my bladder was about to explode.

but i hadn’t planned on writing any of that — that’s not why i came down here in the first place.

i was going to tell you that i feel like time is going by like… the speed of light (lame, i know. but i couldn’t come up with anything). some told me that time would drag on by while it went super fast back at home while others suggested that my time here in germany would go amazingly fast. it’s going amazingly fast.

yesterday, i thought it was thursday. a few days ago i thought we were in the teens of october. i never know what day of the week it is, what the date is, or what time it is. i guess i could use all that as an excuse for missing a very special event but i can’t. not when birthdays are so important in my family. i didn’t send a card, didn’t send an email, and no, i didn’t make a phone call. i just let a birthday go by in my family without acknowledging it.

i figured that he might forgive me if i mentioned him online (who doesn’t like to be reading and see their name on it?).

so happy birthday, ry-guy.

i love you and miss you lots.

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