my address for letters:

Louissa Sinclair
Postfach 2933
88023 Friedrichshafen

and you’ll never guess what was announced the other day. we’ll be getting new computers and we’re going to coninue to have the internet for the year. that doesn’t really make all that much of a difference besides the fact that they prefer we don’t use our school email accounts anymore. so, no more bodenseehof emails for me. send ’em to: louissa(at)gmail.com

: )

6 thoughts on “boring

  1. well…..if you would like to get some letters then no need to worry:)
    for a while I have just been writing things down for you to read once I send it to you:p
    so when you get my letter (who knows when that will be) you will have a whole story to read……its long:D
    I miss you tons…..

  2. Wow, Ok. I just sent you an email at the german email address.

    Does that mean that you didn’t get it?

    Hope you’re doing well!


  3. petey — i got it. and then i tried to write you back and my bodenseehof email gave me a hard time and wouldn’t let it send… you’ll be getting a response soon. : )

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