shop till you drop

once again i bundled myself up, determined to finish my shopping.  have i told you how much i hate christmas shopping?  i thought i would love it, but after this past week i’ve decided that there is nothing more frustrating and stressful.  i can never find the right thing or it’s too expensive or it’s just not enough.  i’ve never once found something and thought, “everything about this is perfect!”

there were candles and bowls and mugs and books and cookies and tiny wooden figures and everything you can think of!  there was the smell of glühwein in the air and many had their hot dogs in hand as they also did their last minute christmas shopping.  twinkle lights made the few trees look festive and every one had dried orange pieces hanging off the branches.  they say this is the land of christmas and i think it’s because of their christmas markets.  the workers in the booths sit in the cold, but look quite cozy as they sip the warm drink and wear layer upon layer upon layer.  they sell all sorts of knick-knacks and one shouldn’t have such a hard time finding presents when you’ve got so many options in front of you.

after spending hours wandering around our own small christmas market and the few stores friedrichshafen has to boast of, i stepped on the bus happy with what i’d purchased.  and then i got back to school and realized that i didn’t have everything i need and there is no time to get it now.

oh well.  it’s too late to stress out, so i guess i’ll have to make do.

5 thoughts on “shop till you drop

  1. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re all so excited about you being home that presents will be totally secondary anyway! Not that we won’t love whatever it is that you’ve finally found, but you will be here and our hearts will be ever so glad!!

  2. i’m so excited that you’re coming home tonight. everyone is. 🙂

    feel free to call me anytime if you want to sit on the sofa and surf the net and giggle over pictures. seriously. or anything else. i’m home right now until tues night but i’ll be back again thurs night. (244-8577 is my cell number) i know that tons of people will want to see you but so do i! hehe.

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