early morning

my eyes opened and i turned to look at my clock.

3:11 am.

i laid there for three more hours before getting up.  strangest kind of jet-lag…

4 thoughts on “early morning

  1. Hi- welcome back to Europe. We want to come for a visit…. When would be a good time for you since you are now staying until Sept?????

  2. wease – i can’t believe that you’re back there already and that you’re staying (which i’m totally thirlled about!!!) i wish i could come back home and say “good-bye” but i guess i’ll wait another eight . . . ten . . . fifteen months till you come back home ; )

  3. i miss you tons already. i’m excited about how He’s going to use you, you’re going to see so much reaping from your time there right now that will be seen in the future!!! how cool. maybe i’ll come visit you unexpectedly! i’d love to see you sooner than september!!!

    love you tons, weasy!

  4. Wow… it’s crazy.

    one minute, you’re gone again. o well, see ya when you get back.

    Don’t forget to learn at least one Worship song in German, it’s good for you. Hope God teaches you many things while you’re there.


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