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so apparently i’m technically challenged because no matter how hard i try, i cannot figure out how to blog a video.  i guess it doesn’t help that when i use google it’s all in german and so when i’m having difficulties it’s ten times harder to try to find my way around than when everything is in english.  annoying that this computer knows i’m not in the states anymore.

it’s become tradition to start out every outreach drive listening to keith urban.  luckily for everyone, this past outreach i brough the newest album of his.  i sat in the passat (big bertha and arnie were in front and behind us) and since it was the only cd i brought along with me, it was the only cd we had in that vehicle, and we listened to it for five hours as we drove down there.  the people in the front were sick of it by the time the weekend was over, but don’t worry.  janel and i were still enjoying it on sunday.

julia, i ate a double chocolate magnum bar last week and thought of you the whole time.  even though i was in the north of germany and it was the coldest weather i’ve experienced here so far, i loved every bit of that yummy ice cream bar.

since this is a rather informative entry i’ll let you know that i do not have my luggage yet and as of right now i don’t know what the airline is going to do about it.  i’ll be calling tomorrow to see.

5 thoughts on “info at’cha

  1. One of the only sad parts of our trip was not getting a chance to see you, miss european traveller!! It’s good to be able to keep in touch this way, though.

    Here’s a wierd question for you…how do the Germans pronounce the “ch” blend in the part of Germany where you are? Is it like our “sh” or is it more guttural – almost like our “h”? I was wondering where the pronounciation changes. 😉 The “sh” would sound so wierd to me….

    Gruss Gott!

  2. cute video! thanks for sharing. i do not think you are technically challenged b/c you had a hard time blogging a video. now me on the other hand, i can’t even figure out how to upload pics ot my xanga or even change profile one. the one that’s on there kind of happened by accident a while ago. the computer knows you are not in the states…weird! i didn’t think google would come up in german, but cool. props to you for figuring everything out.

  3. magnum bar… oh that sounds heavenly!!!

    i miss you tons wease. i wish you could be here with us! btw i was thinking about band titles today, i’ve got some ideas.

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