me and the sports

i’m not sure how it was managed and how she finally convinced me, but yesterday i put my sweats on and sneakers and went to join everybody else.  i guess i gave in to peer pressure or maybe i wanted to see how i’d really do, but even with the butterflies in my stomach, i decided to live up to my word and go.

we walked in and i could smell the sweat and the running of feet.  in one section a ball was being dribbled and in the other everyone was chasing after a small ball with sticks in their hands.  faces were red and each player was focused.  a few of us looked at each other and wondered what we were doing with this crowd.  these are the students who played sports seriously in high school, they love it, and they are really, really good.

our section was empty.  the net was set up and some started practicing their serves.  i stood there like a complete idiot until someone told me what to do.  it was time to play.  the point of this game is to get the ball over the high net only using your hands and yet for some reason, i struggle so hard even with this simple idea.  have i ever told you how bad i am at anything that has something to do with a ball?  i’m simply terrible. 

usually i can laugh things off — laugh at myself and make it all better.  not yesterday.  instead i walked out mortified, with my pride wounded, and feeling like a complete fool.  i knew i wasn’t good before i went, but i didn’t know i was that bad.  lets just say that there was only one time when the ball came towards me and i actually got it over the net.  and then there was that time that the ball hit me square in the face because for some reason i cannot ever figure out how close the ball is going to be towards me.

we walked back to school and she thanked me for coming and wanted to know if i was coming back.  at first i just laughed, but after a few minutes said maybe.  i could give it another shot, try a little harder, and see if improving is a possibility, right?

and hey, i got several sport points for my afternoon yesterday — that counts for something.

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  1. james, i fixed it. it was supposed to be sport points.

    my “school” is very… unique. maybe i’ll dedicate one whole entry to try to explain to the rest of my world what life is really like here at bodenseehof.

    for now i’ll just say that they want to make sure we stay active and so as “homework” we have to do enough exercise/sports to attain a certain number of points every week. it’s interesting…

  2. Finally able to get online. Wanting to let you know I´´ve been thinking of you and am glad to read some of your daily thoughts!
    Feeling better, which I am glad for, obviously. Looking forward to our trip to Germany which I am thinking will be better in terms of being out and about. Seems a bit a shame to be here where there is so much to see and do and only lay on a couch watching American films. Well, I´ve read three books as well. I´ve finished Horatio Hornblower´s Beat to Quarters, a clever telling of homesteading here in Spain called Drive on Lemons, and now a well known children´s historical fiction called I Am David. You would enjoy them all, if you ever get a chance to read!

    Love you tons.
    Mama Dear

  3. it’s true, you can always make improvement. always. a little hard work and effort always does the trick. of course you’re probably one of the people who taught/showed me that. you inspire me wease. everytime i read something like this, i know the feeling of being ripped apart inside because of pride and wanting to retreat. i know how hard that can be. but you are ready for the challenge. and it’s the same with your walk with Christ, you take up that cross and follow no matter what, because you see the long term goal and rewards.

    i miss you like crazy.

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