my mailbox had a letter and a card in it from sisters.  my inbox had a long email from another sister.  in the letter there was a picture of me and the princess of the family.  it was lovely and it made my day.

when i read an email on saturday that said my luggage had been found, my first thought was, “i didn’t lose my hats!”  out of all the things in my luggage that i had lost, i thought of my two pink hats and was excited. 

i’m so strange.

2 thoughts on “update

  1. YAY!!! Wease I’m so happy that they found your luggage. It’s hard enough to be far from home without having a little bit of home around–like Merrick’s pictures. I love you dear one.

  2. That’s great that you found your hats. It’s a miracle that you recovered your luggage, I didn’t think that people ever really recovered luggage that had been lost for more than a week. That’s amazing


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