sometimes words don’t come.  sometimes i sit and stare at the screen as i fish for the right words to let you know what i’m up to and how i am.  funny how my blog, which was only going to be for “creative” writing, has turned into such a newsletter of sorts –  pictures of who i live with, where i’ve been, and words that tell you how i’m doing and what i’ve been up to.

so let us see… what’s new?

– i get paid to be here now.
– i have keys to all the doors in this building.
– i can go into the staff room and eat whenever i want.
– i am one of six that is in charge of locking up the building every night.
– i won’t, but i’m allowed to drink whenever i’m not working with a Konfi group.
– i can now watch movies.
– i’m part of the “real” world and i have a day off.  it’s lovely.
– i’ve moved into a room that has a small fridge and my own phone (something i haven’t ever experienced).
– i’ve spent my days so far here in the email room singing.
– i am one of six that washes breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes here.
– i’m “on staff” at a Bible school.  i know, funny.

4 thoughts on “update

  1. Huh. Who’d uh thought.

    See? When people ask, “So what will you be doing next year?” it is perfectly acceptable to say, “Whatever the Lord says.”

    Love you!

  2. Ha ha… when you said “fish for words” I laughed. I don’t know why, but your choice of wording right there was quite comical. It made my day.

    : |


  3. so crazy– what you’re doing. and so cool!

    i’m glad you have a day off. now you can spend more time enjoying another place and culture!

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