we walked by the water and soon we were at a harbor.  sailboats were anchored and birds flew around us.  the sun was warm and i could hear people in the background as they ate their ice cream and sipped their coffee. 

and all i could think of was this day last summer.  everything reminds me of something at home, someone at home, or something i’ve done at home.  home remains my life and i wonder how so many people can move and make other places home.  i don’t know how they do it since after six months i’m still caught up with my home.

i have a notepad upstairs in my room and on the bottom of every page it says, “bloom where you’re planted.”  i’m not sure if the people who sent it to me knew that i would need to read that so much, but it’s turned into a daily saying for me.  as my brother-in-law says, “be where you are.”  i’m here and all of me must be here.  i need to invest while i’m here, continue to grow while i’m here, and live regular life while i’m here.  i could easily get caught in the trap of living only for going home, but i cannot let myself do that.

it’s rather hard though.

i find my pictures are probably viewed the most by me.  here are a few that i like so much…

my lovely princess…

two favorite boys…

my desktop photo…



summer and everything wonderful…

there are so many more that i look at on a regular basis.  pictures make me smile… they make me remember… they make me okay.

i love pictures.

5 thoughts on “here

  1. I love poppies, I want summer to come soon so I can see them again!

    it’s going to be even harder to wait until september to see you again!

    thanks for the card. that was sweet. : )

    love you!

  2. Moving and making other places home is hard, no matter how many times you do it. The reason being because you do have to “be where you are” in each and every place. If God called you there, you need to live fully for Him for that season. Some places it is easier to do that, some harder. But blooming where you’re planted is key. I think the people who sent you that note pad probably knew that and sent it for just that reason. It is a great reminder, isn’t it? Praying for you as you enter this new season of leadership.

  3. Bronwyn saw the picture of you and Julia and said, “Mama, that’s you and Julia!” I guess even my own daughter confuses us, so others have an excuse. 🙂

    I love that picture of Bronwyn at the beach.

    Actually, I love pretty much every picture of Bronwyn.

    And I love you and miss you like crazy.

    Thanks for the note and the candy for the kids. (I must tell you that those chocolate eggs enticed Gabriel to climbing into the cupboard and snitching from one of them!)

  4. great pictures, Louissa! it is nice to see them again. i know a lot about blooming where you’re planted. the Lord has moved me so many times and it’s a lesson i’ve really had to learn. there’s a song hilsong does and the bridge goes “i’ve found/where i belong/i’m a livingstone/in this house/i will grow. i will never forget when that really hit home for me. and it is hard. but somehow, there is always grace. although, i do think the farther away the harder it is. and even though i am not really involved in your life up in Potsdam, i do miss you. you bless me much and i appreciate how real you are! hugs and blessings to you!!!

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