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  1. Two things:

    First, I got your card! Thank you over and over for such sweetness! I’m so glad you suffered through another design project, because it’s the cutest card ever! Actually, when I first pulled it from the envelope, I didn’t even think you’d made it — I just thought it was the simplest and prettiest notecard I’d seen in a long time. And turns out, my own dear little Weese made it herself! And thanks for the encouragement. It made my day. I mean it. It really did.

    Second, you shouldn’t be called the projects. ‘Cause that’s the slummy apartments at the edge of the city. You know. Maybe they just don’t know that in Germany. In which case, go ahead, be the projects.


    I love you tons. You’ve got your first group of Konfi kids this week, right? (Or was that last week, and I somehow missed it? Yeah, maybe it was last week.) How’s it going? Are you totally busy?

    Should I have just written you an email? Hmm. Probably…

  2. d,

    first, you just got my card?! what is with the mail service here? i just don’t get it. oh well, almost a month late, but at least you got it. and i got my own card yesterday with the cutest spring bird on the front. it was wonderful — thanks so much.

    second, those who call us “The Projects” know far too well what the pj’s actually are. it started as a joke and some of the staff said that they’d be dressing up for every concert so they’d actually look like they were from slums, but it’s rather stuck now. : )

    there was a konfi group in last week but we didn’t do much with them — right now we’re learning music because we go and record a cd on monday. tomorrow we have a huge family conference starting (140 people) and our “big debut” is on sunday with a easter conference (even though we did play for this past konfi group because they wanted us to so badly).

    should i have responded with an email? hmm. probably…

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