bake me some pie

i know, another entry.  but this one has pictures and they’re so much fun, aren’t they? 

in our small little orchard here at Bodenseehof we have cherry trees and apple trees.  the cherry trees have become the center of our lives recently and really, our source of entertainment.  you can’t really blame us, can you?  after all, they’re so beautiful!

after spending many days of climbing trees and picking them

or in my case, having people climb trees and give me cherries,

we decided to make something of our fruit!

yesterday morning we sat on our steps and pitted bucket after bucket of cherries.

want some cherries?

after that step was finished we went over to their house

and started to make pie after pie.  first, we mixed the fruit all up.

she started to talk on the phone and kept us entertained with the one sided conversation we overheard.

i ran out of counter space as i was rowling out the crust, so evelyn happily stood by the cherry bowl holding my extra crust (and trying a few of the cherries).

i tried my hardest to make the pies look pretty, although it was nothing like what my mumsie does with a pie.

we had a limited number of pie plates and too many pies to make, so we tried to cool a pie off quickly so we could remove it by using a fan and my blowing on it.

after they were done baking we decided to go on a picnic.  i like walking through Fischbach looking like this.

and everyone else walking.

and our lovely picnic.

and afterwards we watched a movie and ate more pie.  and that was my day off.

6 thoughts on “bake me some pie

  1. awww that looks like so much fun!!! mhhmmm and the pies look delicious! now i’m craving cherry pie:P

    and it looks gorgeous there, you guys had such a cute little pic nic!

    cooling off the pies with fans was a great idea… haha you look funny doing it though.

  2. Love the testimonies, love the pics, and I bet I would’ve loved the pie! (You know that cherry is my absolute fave, right?)

    By the way, did you ever get the letter that your lovely mumsie sent to you in the really sweet card with a red envelope? It was supposedly mailed the same day as Camilla’s offering. Hope you got it…

  3. umm, YUM!

    man, i love pie!

    and i was so glad to hear your testimonies. how awesome, and a really good reminder for me. we’re here on planet earth so that we can have those conversations.

    and, of course, make cherry pie.

  4. you guys look like you’re having so much fun! and i thought that it would get boring after a year . . . man was i wrong ; )

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