i took a walk today.  the sky was still dark from the storm earlier today and there were branches and leaves along the narrow country road i walked on.  i’ve walked this road many times;  i know every large tree, every apple orchard i’ll pass, and every strange looking shack that might be beside the road.

i’m not very disciplined.  i usually walk when i need time by myself, when i know that i need to spend some time talking to Jesus.  these walks might start out well — the minute the houses are behind me i start sorting through everything that’s in my head and bringing things before the Lord, but they don’t usually end the same way.  at some point i see something that makes me think of something which makes me think of something else and then my mind has completely wandered and at that point i’m so distracted i don’t even think about what i meant to do.

i’m a crier.  i know this, everyone knows, and that’s just how it is.  today i started thinking about the two times i left home and how hard i tried to not cry.  i cried the most both times when i went to their house.  the first time i had to say goodbye to a small newborn bundle of sweetness who i barely knew.  the second time i had to tell a brother-in-law that i was staying in Germany an extra five months.

now they’re leaving.  not that it changes anything for me right now, but it will.  i’ll go home and want to run across through our neighbor’s lawn to go to their apartment, but won’t be able to.  now they’ll have a new home, a new set of friends, a new church, a new life.  and it’s exciting.

but it’s still hard for me.  and that’s okay. 

i always did want to visit california.

2 thoughts on “moving

  1. She’s gone now. We watched her walk through the security, pushing a carseat laden stroller replete with two large carryons. Jameson was wiggling in her arms as she rotated pushing the stroller then the airport cart weighed down with three heavy checkons. Quite a sight. But she looked beautiful, and everyone oohed and ah-ed at her cute little boy.

    Another red-head, off to adventure. This is getting to be a pattern…

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