the 4th


today makes the third year in a row that i’ve spent the 4th of july in europe.  i know, strange.  i really do love my country.

happy independence day.

3 thoughts on “the 4th

  1. Love your red, white, and blue! Now to get myself dressed in a patriotic fashion as well!

  2. How did your red, white, and blue dessert go? We had pound cake, berries, and cream here. The Marottas and Vic DiMonda joined us for an evening of burgers and other 4th of July fixin’s on the side porch. I covered the pink cushion with a red and white cloth, changed the table covering for a square of patriotic fabric, hung an Americana flag, and picked lots of red, white, and blue bouquets. It was a lovely evening, even though it did rain.

    Missed you – next year, maybe. 😉

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