i’m in the midst of the last weekend with konfi’s.  and i’m so tired.

i have days where i realize what a jerk i am and all i want to do is go to bed and start the day over.  it really rots when you have two days in a row like that.

i am worn out.  and it’s times like these when i realize how much i need Jesus.

2 thoughts on “continuing

  1. Hey, could you please stop doing that face when you pose in photos?

    Thank you. And do visit soon.


  2. I doubt you’re a jerk.
    So… maybe you forgot to put on the attitude of Christ.
    So… get back into bed…put in on…and hop back up.
    There ya go! You’re all set~
    Ask someone German if they will teach you how to play
    Mensch argere Dich nicht.
    I grew up on the game.
    Now my kids play it.

    God bless you, Louissa!

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