these are the days

you know those people who only do what they gotta do and then they split because they don’t care about the rest? yeah, i did that. i waited long enough until i had to get up and speak and then i left. yes, that’s me — loser louissa.

i stopped work half an hour early because i felt so horrible. i decided to use la-z-boy that still sits in the corner of my office (that chair is bad news for my office) and nap for half an hour. of course it was during that period of time that “the boss” (my dad) called and my co-worker really didn’t know what to say when her saying my name didn’t revive me from my slumber. she told me never to do that to her again. i thought it was rather funny.

the outside world smelled of laundry softener tonight. it’s a good smell but i was a tad bit sad since i had been wanting to enjoy that freshness you’re supposed to experience when surrounded by grass, trees, sky, and goodness.

a few days ago three aunts and another “aunt” piled into a minivan and went to see our little baby princess. in case you haven’t heard this enough, aubrey is beautiful.

wondrous princess

5 thoughts on “these are the days

  1. You have an office? Thanks for that picture. It is oh so precious and my is she ever beautifful!!!!! Icried. oh Lord, thank You for normal heart rate for this precious Daughter so she can be with her Mama and the rest of the family.

  2. Good entry. I’m glad that the baby is fine, but I have one question for you Louissa…

    What exactly is… “laudry softener”?

    : |

    Couldn’t resist…


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