the days keep going

they are in maine. so close yet so far away. i think i’ll be able to stand the few sleeps that must happen before they come here. he does look like the sweetest boy, doesn’t he? the good news is, this mature aunt of his finally found her credit card she received last year and will finally be able to activate it and finally order his birthday present she’s been looking at.

the other good news from the day is that i found a “Sinclair College” sweatshirt (i’m ignoring the fact that she thinks she knows who the rightful owner is) and who wouldn’t want an article of clothing that had such a sweet name on it? i look hot and cool in it.

we use such stupid words.

and other excitements from the world of louissa include the fact that her grammar has slowly worsened since her graduation from high school (maybe college isn’t such a bad thing after all) and that i got to take a break from staring at a computer screen all day to cover some tables with, well, table cloths.

man, i’m the worlds most exciting person.

2 thoughts on “the days keep going

  1. The excitement is almost too much to bear!

    Ha ha, just kidding. I didn’t realize that Danica and Ryan were visiting soon, that’s cool. That kid has gotten big fast, it seems like they just got married yesterday.

    Nah, your life isn’t that boring… but I do agree about the grammar, goodness!! You should have went to Hermon-DeKalb… you sher wood no how tuh tawk ryte!!!

    : |


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