hi friend.

you’re like an old friend, aren’t you? i’m assuming if you’re here then you consider yourself my friend or even if you technically don’t know me all that well, after reading a few of my entries, you’re as good as a friend — you “hear” more from me here than most do face-to-face so consider yourself lucky we’re such good pals via the internet.

last night we took a walk. i like walks.

madrid walks

the evening was beautiful.

p.s. i just thought i’d let you know — in case you had started to think that i’m a super cool person — that right now, i’m sitting in the family room with laptop on lap next to another girl who also has a computer on her lap while a tv is on that neither one of us is watching. we are such cool social people.

One thought on “pictures

  1. hahaha. that last one made me lol! 🙂 that’s funny. thanks for considering me a friend. 🙂 that made me smile. you’re the best! 🙂

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