just this.

long nails look nice… on other people. right now all i can hear is the clickety-clack of my too-long-nails hitting the keyboard as i type.


some paper i ordered came in today. i’m made for an office job. i found myself excited because my paper which has such fun names (Teal Terrestrial, Vulcan Green, and Venus Violet) arrived.


i sat at the conference table surrounded by the other staff from church. the elder who has been part of CFC since before my daddy became the pastor mentioned the importance of digging into the Word and having a good time of prayer on a daily basis. i feel like i’m getting daily reminders — this Christianity thing is supposed to be the center my life.


i wore a bright green corduroy skirt and footless tights today. i always feel like a dancer when i wear footless tights and there is nothing that i want to be more.


i listened to imogen heap this morning. i listened to amos lee this afternoon. i’m listening to sade right now with my old favorite, john legend, thrown in here and there.


there is the most painful and ridiculous pimple in my left eyebrow. yeah, bet you don’t go around boasting of such occurrences in your life. must mean that i’m…


there was just the three of us home tonight. me and my two baby sisters. i secretly prepared “chef boyardee” since that is something that is never seen at the Sinclair home and therefore is “a treat” (gag me — remind me never to make it again). we took a walk and the conversation never ceased. we rented a movie, we ate ice cream, and i tried to memorize their rosy dimpled cheeks, their wide wonderful smiles, and the little girl gleam still in their eye.


6 thoughts on “just this.

  1. i’d love to hear you lead worship. anyway, this is a cool post (when are you not cool? 🙂 and very precious and so well put about your time with your sisters. that was just wonderful! 🙂

  2. Louissa, I really really miss you. Just reading this makes me cry I miss you and talking to you and just everything. You are great. Thanks for being you.

  3. Hey…I smiled when I was at the top of this blog; and I laughed as I made my journey to the end of it…ur an interesting writer..by d way, d “madrid new york” thing, krazy kool, or as i wud say, if this was still ’04 n i was back home, off d chain…

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