my Redeemer lives

i haven’t been able to get Job 13:15 out of my head since i first talked to my crying mumsie. “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”

it seems pointless. it seems stupid. it makes me mad and all the more confused. why Christian? why did the Lord allow him to be taken?

i’ve been challenged by the blind trust these situations require. there comes a point where you have to choose to trust that God is in control, that God has a plan, that He is good, and that He is the Redeemer. it makes Job all the more a real person to me. he was able to look at his wrecked life — a life that may have seemed destitute to everyone else — and continue to praise God. though God allowed everything to be taken away Job was still declaring, “my Redeemer lives”.

and it’s true. He does live and He does know what’s going on. He permits things to happen that confuses and frustrates me, but it’s in those times that i know won’t get the answers i want. i can be content knowing that He holds the world in the palm of His hand, that He knows the number of our days, that nothing happens without Him allowing it, and that He truly is our Redeemer.

and somehow that’s what brings the most comfort.

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  1. Yes- it seems to be at least ONE of the most amazing statements of faith, doesn’t it, about God’s goodness, and yet, Job KNEW God would not fail him. It doesn’t make sense sometimes and there within lies God’s word in Proverbs that lets us know we cannot lean on our own understanding. Our own understanding fails us over and over, and we cannot get into the “why” area either because then our trust in God wanes and allows satan a foothold to peck away at us with his snaggly-toothed grin. God did not allow that to happen today, Praise His Holy Name. Alas, we wept and mourned and grieved with Liz and and all of both families and thank God for His saving grace. How wonderful you were able to spend recent time with Christian, for you were abke to know who he was on a more personal level with Liz that will be a soothing balm to Liz as you talk about the fun things you did together during your time there. It makes no sense to me to have the deep intense level of grief I feel right now within me at this time and the depth of that grief, YET TODAY, as God’s anointed man of God, Mike, was led by the spirit and predestined of God gave a Word for such a time as this that knit us together as a body in such a deep way that I cannot even begin to comprehend-Praise God, because He is great, and He continued as He set forth His prepared song from Lydell and the choir as they sang and everyone was touched in a deep way. What a wonderful day in the Lord, for He is indeed so Good to us.

  2. i miss you!!!!! :(…lol whats your e-mail address? You have gmail right? So we can chat there…love you!

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