“i pulled a louissa”

i found myself it quite the ditzy predicament last night. it was my first “uh-oh” when it comes to vehicles, the first time i’ve ever “called myself in” to a police department and the first time there’s ever been a cop whose “pulled over” because of something i did.

i locked my keys in my families van. it was running. it had a headlight out. and it was in a “no parking/no standing zone.” yes, it was classic. a friend had to run home to retrieve mumsie’s set of keys, a cop found the vehicle standing in the CROSSWALK (smooth, louissa) quite interesting, and over all, i found myself feeling quite silly.

being little is so much easier.

One thought on ““i pulled a louissa”

  1. I LOVE IT!! Now Lizzie and Danica can’t give only me a hard time anymore about key escapades at inopportune moments, like road trips and foreign countries and st. lawrence bookstore shopping sprees. YES!

    oh how i love thee. let me count the ways.

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