food. glorious. food.

note: this post could be catergorized as “online bantering.” this is me just continuing with a joke with my family.

i am the disgrace of my family. there are some standards that come with this last name and i’m just not cuttin’ it at this point. i’m afraid that pretty soon i’ll be the outcast, the one in the corner, while they ignore the oh-so-un-sinclair habits that i have.

sinclair girls know how to cook. they use real food with no preservatives and we don’t know very many shortcuts. everything in our refrigerator requires actual cooking and we don’t use any of those “short-cut” ingredients that so wonderfully decorate the shelves of our local grocery store. i appreciate this about my family and i am a privileged individual who is able to enjoy the cooking of so many talented females.

i’m not all that great of a cook. i use recipes and i like to use the amounts called in the recipes. my family has an amazing ability to look in the fridge, grab the most unlikely food combinations you might put together, and make it the most mouth-watering meal you’ve ever had. i look at the onion, the broccoli, the rice, and the yogurt and wonder why on earth mumsie doesn’t do more grocery shopping.

my family eats real food. we don’t have any frozen meals in the freezer and we don’t have any beverages that might rot your teeth out. there are just some things we don’t do.

but after years of babysitting i finally mastered putting frozen pizzas into the oven and making ramen noodles without wondering too many times what i was supposed to look like, and i’ve found that this one thing my family doesn’t do — i do. with every confession of my love for rice krisipie treats, kraft macaroni and cheese, and fruit roll-ups my family cringes a bit more and wonders what happened to me. what did they do wrong?

yes. the disgrace. don’t worry about me too much. i’ll just be in my own little corner with my pre-made lasagna loving every minute of it while they whittle away the hours in front of the stove and oven making heaven knows what (they never know what they make).

5 thoughts on “food. glorious. food.

  1. you are a wonderful young lady and you are unique, oh but in so many lovely ways. god loves you just the way you are, wonderfully and uniquely created. don’t ever question yourself. you add, i am sure of this, so many great things in your family, don’t even question that louissa. just keep being you, just the way you are, lovely!!!

  2. hahah thats aweseom!!!…. I agree with you, sometimes you just dont have the time to put all that stuff together… and kraft mac&cheese, rice krispy treats, and others are delicious!!!!!

    and its true we’re all gonne die someday lol… ill be an outcast with you!

    love you!

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