the frustrating change

in my mind i must cram.  and all this cramming business is just too much.  but really, isn’t that what everyone is doing?  while the mums are placed beside each front door everyone scrambles for just one more day of short-wearing weather, one more day at the beach, one more day picnicking, one more walk without worrying about a coat and scarf, one more meal of those veggies just picked from the garden, one more, one more, one more.

and i find myself doing it the most.  instead of spending all day yesterday sorting through clothing and things that just happen in my room, i left around noon with a swimsuit in my bag and headed out for the day.  i jumped in the water for the world’s shortest swim (upon entering the water i noticed flies everywhere in the water and quickly got out), sat on a dock, watched them kayak and swim across the lake, and ate steak on a picnic table.

must get it all in before it comes…

i hate change.  i hate change to a fault.  i hate change so much that although fall is one of my favorite times of the year, i’m digging my heels in about moving on.  why should i?  these months have been wonderful, haven’t they?  i hate change so much that although it’s the second of september, i don’t have my fall weekly schedule nailed down.  this is the slowest i’ve ever been at getting my life organized.

and so i take a walk in shorts, t-shirt, and flipflops.  i suck on my freezepop and enjoy the warm air.  i fall asleep to the sound of a fan that will shortly be turned off.  and i continue to hate most every change that comes my way.

someday i’ll grow up.  promise.

oh.  and i twitter while i go.  really.  twittering.  so. much. fun.

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