right now.

3 chicken pot pies are warm out of the oven.

10 plates are set around the table, waiting for dinner to begin.

1 basket of apples wonders what sorts of deliciousness i’ll be able to create with them.

4 band members sit in the adjacent room discussing band like topics.

3 school girls watch a school movie.

1 college boy sits with them… because what else is there to do?

2 songs have been looked over for the 5th-7th grade choir i teach tomorrow.

4 LARGE bags of potatoes laugh in my face every day as they scheme to go bad before i can use them all.

1 dad, 1 brother, and 1 small buck are on their way to the butcher, boasting of a successful day in the woods.

1 girl sits, waiting for dinner, listening, smelling, setting, looking, and remembering a day with 7 people at whiteface.

2 thoughts on “right now.

  1. Those potatoes are supposed to be brought to the cellar for longer keeping. A gentle reminder to Dad might be appropriate…
    And the apples need to be partly sliced and frozen in the freezer bags that Jamie bought just before I left (we ran out of time…) Some of them need to also head to the cellar for long term keeping.
    And thanks for the daily run down. I feel almost like I’m home!

  2. What an awesome young woman you are Louissa (sweet, funloving, caring, kind, wisdom-filled) and so much more. I just love your smile and your laugh. I bet you’re so bubbly and fun to be around. God has gifted you and your entire family, and as I said in Carina’s blog, your parents have done such a fine job of raising all of you to be very find young adults with a heart that is lead by the Lord. I love you and think you’re the best! I love the pics of whiteface. My son has been wanting me to take the ride up it, but I’m afraid of heights and would probably panic. I think once I got up there, I would be so awe struck at such beauty. He’s a hiker and climber of mountains as well and tells me there is nothing like it once you reach the top. I believe him. You all look like you had such a good time. Enjoy each day as the Lord continues to lead you all through them. Much love, Nancy C.

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