we baked and talked and cooked and talked and gathered and talked and baked more and talked and chopped up apples and talked and put together piles of things needing to go with us and talked and packed up cars and talked and forgot the couscous and talked and called home to get forgotten couscous and talked and set tables and talked and arranged rooms and talked and made beautiful a house and talked and celebrated the coming wedding of the third daughter of this family while talking more.

(my family talks no matter what they’re doing)

another sister is getting married.  and it became real today when i stood in front of over forty women/ladies/girls/females/whatever age category you’d title yourself under and welcomed them to a bridal shower for her.  she then proceeded to open up all those house necessities and i couldn’t quite grasp the idea that she’ll be making herself a home elsewhere in a little over a month.


change is abounding in my life right now.  and i’m madly trying to keep up with it.

3 thoughts on “shower

  1. I do believe it became a bit more real for all of us.

    Ah — these bittersweet moments of life. One must learn to enjoy them and see the sweet lest the bitter overwhelm.

    Too strange, that this third daughter will now make another home. I rejoice over multiplied God-centered homes. This nation, this world, is desperately in need of such places of ministry. May their home abound with His mercy and goodness in every way! I am confident that it will, it will!

    Still, I will miss her being a part of mine…

  2. It sounded like it was beautiful and such a good time together. I, too, am sorry I had to miss it. I wanted so badly to be out with everyone, but because of my phyisical things going on, it’s unpredictable day-to-day and yesterday with the rain, just made my aching worse. I love you all and really, really missed being there to share in that beautiful event.
    Much Love,
    Nancy C.

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