odds ‘n ends

and life continues…

it’s december.  it doesn’t feel like december, but it is.  i don’t feel jolly or feel much like going a’wassailing.  the house is decked for the holiday although there are cornstalks still on our front porch.  the traditional rum logs have been made once already and we had a christmas movie girls night… but i just don’t feel much in the season.  how does that happen?  i’m not too sure i like this growing up business.

i have a baby sitting on my lap.  she makes her noises and plays with star wars action figures.  she “talks.”  she’s loud.  incredibly loud.  she has red hair.  i guess the two go together.

“that’s my favorite game!” i exclaimed as he asked what we’re thankful for today.  usually i’m the one asking, not having to sit and think about the specific blessings that i’ve been given, but it’s good to do.  and today?  what am i thankful for today?  i’m thankful the wonderfulness i work with.  really, i’ve got the best.  working with a best friend, a favorite person, and someone you get along with so well — who could ask for more?

there are six babies under the age of five in the house right now.  and i love it.  i love these babes — these little blessings.  even with the spankings and the crying and the smelly diapers and the vomiting and the bloody noses.  there are the snuggles and the giggles and the playing and the holding and everything wonderful.  i like it.  a lot.

i’m going to see my sister play tonight.  and my brother.  and two friends.  i’ll pay $3 and sit in the world’s most ghetto bar and enjoy every minute of it.

and that’s it.  a rather lame post, i know.  when i have time… it’ll come.

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