8 pizzas made.
2 pies to be shared by all.
3 pairs of toes waiting to be taken care of.
1 walk with 2 friends.
5 mouths eating lunch in my office.
2 boys bringing the lunch (those kind of boys are our favorite).
1 hockey game to watch… or not.
2 verses to refresh.
4th chapter of isaiah to read.
1 boy out on the sea somewhere.
1 girl wondering about him.
16 to find beds in this house tonight.

and my personal favorite:
and a few more hours until bed.

One thought on “numbers.

  1. Interesting list. 🙂

    That was really encouraging, thanks for the advice! I agree about hymns being important…I also think they are a lot more theologically based than some of the songs today. When I lead I’ve been doing one or two hymns each set. I used to do more when I first started.

    I can’t believe that somebody actually had the nerve to compare you to another worship leader and tell you you don’t measure up. I guess that means it’s bound to happen to me. At least now I know it doesn’t really mean anything!

    Once again, thank you for everything you said. It means a lot!


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