my simple life.

so many of the blogs i read are filled with the stories of every day simple lives.  you know — hanging diapers on their clotheslines, reading books to babies, and planting flowers.

i lead a simple life too.  it’s a different kind of simple life, but simple all the same.  i’m not sure my every day activities are quite as exciting or create the warm fuzzies that those things do, but i figured i’d try all the same.

here we go…

i woke this morning and drank my coffee in my blue pajamas.  the pajama set that came with pants for someone with an extremely long torso.  somehow the waistline stops right below my armpits so i’m forced to roll them down multiple times and have a very pudgy section around my waist.  since when did i become midget size?

i went to work and sat in a staff meeting from 10:15-12:00.  we discussed kitchen policies and planned the next six months at church.  very, very exciting.  i made myself a cup of hot chocolate and took fifteen minutes to sit outside and drink it all for the sake of ridding all goosebumps from my body.  it might be warm outside but it’s oh-so-cold in my office.  that building refuses to pass 65 degrees unless the boiler system is forcing it.

after my short break i emailed individuals about said plan-making, shopped around for the cheapest communion cups, created this sunday’s bulletin, and bought a clip-on clock.  again, oh-so-very-exciting.

i listened to a new worship song and i tried it out on the piano in the gym.  i tweaked this and that and started thinking about a set list for practice this evening.  i updated the online calendar, fixed a phone that wasn’t working, aided others using the copier, gave my opinion on new designs, printed a few sign-up sheets, answered phone calls, made phone calls, emailed an announcement to the whole church about their dishes cluttering our kitchen, gathered needed signatures, enveloped checks and stamped them, and somehow managed to busy myself with that for 7.5 hours.  figure that one out.

i sat on our side porch, ate a burrito, and talked for forty-five minutes after returning from work.  i taught a piano lesson to only the sweetest little girl who comes wearing prairie dresses and then back to church i went to make copies and pull music for worship team practice.  for one hour i played music, ate chewy candy, and didn’t really feel like playing every song through completely.  it was a rather haphazard practice and i didn’t mind one bit (and i don’t think the team did either… i hope).

i came home and walked/ran for a bit.  a sweaty mess i decided to shower and the blue pajama set with giant length pants went on.  a toweled head i sit here and write.

there are boys mixing music on the side porch.  a daddy and a little boy watch baseball.  two girls make cookies in the kitchen.  soon i’ll go join them and undo everything i did by exercising and then eventually make my way to my room.  i’ll sit in my bed and read the 5th chapter of isaiah and write some more bullet-type sentences in my journal.  i’ll follow that with a chapter out of one of those heathen novels that involve sorcerors and chantments and fall asleep to it.

and that is my simple life.

[i don’t think i’ll ever do this again.  somehow reading about chubby cheeked kids eating pb&j is much more entertaining than the life of an office worker].

4 thoughts on “my simple life.

  1. Me, too, since I missed out on your day here at home (except for the pj’s this morning — I did enjoy seeing those!)

  2. I liked it too! 🙂 Especially the pj’s.

    There’s little that can’t entertain you while you wait through the last days of school when all your classes are over anyway, and you’re only here becuase it’s required! :p


  3. the simple life rocks.

    we need to read stuff like what you wrote….to get our busy minds off of busy things that don’t really matter…

    : )

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