it’s raining. it’s pouring.

i used to be filled with so much angst because of the amount of rain that’s come the last few months.  my perspective was that my summer was being completely stolen from me.  but with all the having to learn to live and deal with it i’ve done, i’m starting to get rather used to it.

in fact, i’ve actually started to enjoy the rain.  is there a more comforting sound?  i like watching it, falling asleep to it, waking to it, driving in it, and living with it.

2 thoughts on “it’s raining. it’s pouring.

  1. You’ve got great points there. I like this perspective — if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

  2. it IS peaceful, isn’t it?
    all the rain this summer has made me realize how beautiful just about anything can be… maybe we can’t go to the beach everyday, but in a way it forces us to relax, take some time out, and just think. i need that. 😛

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