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i sat in a court room all day yesterday.  there was a real judge in a black robe, a cop who stood near the front the whole time, and even one of those very secretary looking ladies recording every single word said in the room.  no, i didn’t steal, kill, or cheat anyone.  and although i did feel like i was in one of my favorite Law & Order episodes, this wasn’t a tv show.  and it’s not a game.  it was for something so near to my heart that tears were behind my eyes the whole time.

you see, a few months ago my sister and dear brother[in-law] adopted a beautiful baby girl.  she’s the happiest person in all the world — and i’m not just saying that.  the first night i saw her she smiled and my heart was taken.  i love this child fiercely.

the biological mom is now in court fighting back for the child.  she wants to prove that she was under duress when she first signed the papers and if that doesn’t work, wants to say that she’s capable of providing a better life for this little one than my sister and her husband.  we aren’t sure if she really does want the child and we’re not confidant she can provide Jesus for this little one — the greatest thing in all of life.

people i love — a mumsie & a daddy — went up and testified yesterday.  we continue in one hour and a few others that i love will also go and answer questions.  it’s hard not to trust in them, to beg them to give a good performance, to say something — anything — that will make the judge realize what’s best for this little girl.

but it’s not about man or his ability.  it’s about One who is Greater.

i’ll be back in the court room in an hour.  my feeble faith only allowed the desperate words, “Lord, do something!” to leave my mouth yesterday.  the rest of the time i whispered a lot of “sha-da-kas” and suddenly really knew why the gift of tongues is so invaluable.  please join me in praying for God’s will to be done… whatever that may be.  after all, He knows best, doesn’t He?

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the One who is in you is Greater than the one who is in the world.

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  1. Such a hard thing for all of you! Your family and especially Carina and her husband will be in my prayers. My heart feels heavy with the sadness of this, and I can’t imagine how much yours all ache!

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