with chocolate in hand

it’s finally the end of the day and i’m thanking the Lord for it.  today was just one of those days.

you know, the kind where your brain is mush by 10:00am, you feel like the world’s problems (including the disaster in haiti) and the answers for them rest squarely on your shoulders, the type where you eat an entire bag of beef jerky (you know it’s bad when that happens), when everything that could go wrong actually does go wrong, the day you keep asking your coworker why you haven’t been fired yet, where the feeling of being completely ill-equipped for any task given haunts you, the kind that gives you a pain in your neck and an ache in your head, and the type you wish could be done and over with at noon and you take personal offense that life is making you live this wretched day for several more hours.

yeah, that kind.

but here we are and it’s 10:15pm.  praise the Lord & hallelujah — i made it.  i was able to leave my office in one piece and i didn’t even have a meltdown at all during my hours in that small room.  i attended our chubby redheaded boys 4th birthday party and was able to enjoy my time with my dear and darling family.  i started tearing my room apart in preparation for painting and redoing everything that you can redo.  and i sit here now while my gracious and loving and merciful and saint of a father patches holes, takes down mirrors, and does the actual prep in my bedroom.

what does anne say?  tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.

if i can just get myself to not focus so much on the “yet” part and have some faith that maybe tomorrow will go a bit more smoothly…

i was just given a chocolate.  it’s in the shape of a turkey which is a bit odd, but i still have chocolate in my possession.  chocolate is much better than beef jerky (although i’m one of the biggest beef jerky fans ever) so i’m thinking that just maybe… very  possibly… tomorrow could be a tad bit better.

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One thought on “with chocolate in hand

  1. Louissa, You made my day. I can SO identify with your day (yesterday) and by sharing it you made my day (today) off to a better start. I am starting to understand the ‘sack cloth and ashes’ thing. The death and suffering going on right now, as I type, makes me want to curl up in ashes and pray, weap, whatever. It is hard to go on doing the daily routine stuff with something so heavy on your heart, isn’t it???

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