charcoal helps the body?

i’ve always heard about santa leaving charcoal in stockings for bad little children and i know of charcoal drawings (although i’ve never myself given it a try) and i also have experienced the difficulty in trying to light charcoal for your summertime barbecue, but i have never ever heard of a person ingesting it into their system.

until tonight.

i found my stomach aching and the pain too much and that’s when i did it.  that’s when i ate charcoal.  okay, so it was more like swallowing.  and the charcoal was in a capsule.  and i washed it down with simply orange (simply the best juice ever made).  and no grit ever touched my mouth.  and i personally did not feel like an item such as a stocking or a grill.  but what this is all about is that i put charcoal into my body!

and doesn’t that just sound… wrong?  and counterproductive when trying to relieve oneself of extreme stomach pains?

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