ohme. ohmy.

i turn 22 tomorrow.  twenty-two. doesn’t that seem ancient when compared to the simple and ordinary and young sound of 21?

i have a reputation for adoring my very own birthday (i think everyone secretly feels the same way about their own special day — they just don’t like to openly admit it) and although this year i just feel tired and don’t like the idea of stepping up again on this ladder of life, i’m trying to get into celebration mode.

so since we won’t be having the sledding party i originally thought i’d throw for myself…

i would like to have a pizza party.  i will abstain a meal from my fruit & veggie eating and taste cheesy doughy goodness.  it will be followed by a cake decorated all silly and colorful candles on top.  then we’ll have a pinata and everyone will have a turn to whack the silly thing until we discover the candy inside.  we can play pin-the-tail on the donkey and perhaps i’ll ask everyone to dress as a pirate.

yes, that will be very nice.  happy birthday to me.

One thought on “ohme. ohmy.

  1. how come I didn’t hear about this party? Pizza and a pinata? Too fun!

    Happy birthday. I wanted to say it on here since I knew your fb would be flooded. 😉

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