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i’m a list sort of person.  i have lists at work scribbled on random pieces of paper as things come to mind.  i have a list always open right in my email full of personal and yet again, work related projects.  i have lists in my head of people i want to spend time with and things i need to do.  right now i have a list of my friday and saturday and as i realize how quickly they’re filling i’m frantically sorting through how i’m going to be everywhere i need to be and do everything that i need to do.  i had a bucket list before i even knew the term “bucket list” (that movie was rather strange, don’t you think?).

and i’m currently putting together a list of accomplishments for my summer.  no, not like the one i had last summer that never saw any item crossed off — i’m determined to actually see some of these things happen.  my summer list is full of canoe paddling, cake eating (i think i’m realizing how much my world revolves around food), music making, hiking attempting, picnic feasting (more food), and color celebrations (good one, right? that was my addition!).  yup, the few months we have of green grass and hot sun are going to be enjoyed.

what are some of your favorite summer activities?  what should i add to my list of wondrous summer fun?

2 thoughts on “summer list

  1. how about some good old fashioned swimming or some volleyball or maybe some baseball or tennis or tanning or going with friends for ice cream or sitting under a tree reading a book or taking day trips to beaches or bigger cities or taking small ppl to parks or watching ppl play outdoor games or maybe even making a new friend but whatever you do just have a great summer kiddo

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