in which i use six assigned words.

there once was a midget sprout named peach.  she was a jolly sort who enjoyed her days surrounded by a googleplex of other sprouts.  although happy little sprouts, the wind and rain and dirt had not been kind to them and they never could get their leaves to sit just right after being blown about.  one day a lion happened upon this patch of jolly-souled sprouts and thought to himself, “my, these sprouts do look uncared for.”  thankfully this lion never left his den without his trusty comb in his back pocket.  out it came and the jolly sprouts became even more lively and eternally grateful to the kind lion who arranged their leaves to the right way.

the end.

One thought on “in which i use six assigned words.

  1. not referring only to the example you have here, but i was wondering if you had any idea of how skilled you really are at writing thus creating ((( v i b e s ))) in your audience … you’re very gifted/talented and you inspire, have a nice day young lady 😉

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