i looked after one child this evening.  for an hour and a half it was just the two of us and we played trains, split a chocolate chip scone, took a walk down to the water where he worked up the courage to place a finger or toe in, and laughed a lot.  that’s what he does.  the babe doesn’t have many words in his vocabulary and although sometimes you can figure out what he wants from grunts and his own version of sign language, for the most part you just laugh with him.  that’s what he does.  he laughs as he enjoys everything around him.

we laughed at flags waving in the breeze, the dog barking in town, the wonder of dipping your feet in water, the deliciousness of his mother’s amazing scones, and the funny sounds we both could make.  if you can, steal this child away and spend an hour with just him.  he’ll win your heart and make you feel more in love with the small wonders of the world as you experience them through his eyes.

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  1. this post brought tears to my eyes and made me want to do exactly what you say…spend some time with him. children are wonderful. time has gone so fast since we read of his birth…wow.

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