day #1

i’ve been an uninspired blogger of late.  the desire comes and goes — and comes more in the cool months of dark settling in at 5:00pm, warm apple pie sustaining your very existence, and afghans wrapped around you being a must.  the hot long days of summer beckon me to gallivant in the great outdoors and not spend my evenings on my computer.   but i don’t really want to be one of those bloggers who takes up cyber space but does nothing with it.  so, i’m challenging myself.

a photo a day for 30 days.

i don’t even care if it’s off my poor quality cell phone or laptop.  my busy summer schedule doesn’t have to be so busy that i can’t stop to notice at least one (or two) special happenings.

today, after spending 8 too many hours in my very warm office, i came home, cleaned a bathroom, and wanted to do nothing else.  then i remembered my most recent find at a local flea market.  nothing makes me happy like vintage.  and nothing makes me more happy when vintage item comes into my possession.  i scrubbed and dried and made my new scale look just this good:

to the dismay of many, my tastes can sometimes run along the lines of being quite tacky. when i saw this in a free pile, i instantly fell in love and had to grab it.  it awaits the decision of where to be hung in my bedroom.

and that, my friends, is the first installment of my new 30 day challenge.

2 thoughts on “day #1

  1. Hooray for new installments. And hooray for photos. And hooray for Louissa’s new vintage finds!

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