my day

i didn’t set my alarm correctly for my waking this morning.  you would think that after using the same exact alarm every single morning for a whole year i would have the system down.  guess not.

there is nothing that i hate more than sleeping later than i planned.  especially when i have things to do and places to be and people depending on me.

but my day was lovely.  i mean, it was lovely after the initial “OHMYGOODNESS!  WHAT TIME IS IT?!?!” that the mums received when she poked her head in my room to see why i was still in bed.

i also had a few revelations concerning my aging process.  contrary to popular opinion, i don’t think i’ll always be the Barbie character everyone thinks i am.  i chose a Bach cd when i could have listened to anything.  Barbie doesn’t listen to Bach.

anyway.  enough of this frivolous talk.  i sat at a lovely island in the middle of a lovely kitchen while a lovely lady chatted with me this afternoon.  well, i don’t think this rather quiet soul did much talking — i just wasn’t in a talking mood.  but i sat and listened and drew all over her island.  don’t get nervous.  you’re meant to draw on it.  see?

it’s a lovely afternoon activity, isn’t it?  and my day was full of such loveliness.  i just didn’t snap pictures of the rest.

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