little girls

every evening this week i leave my hometown by no later than 5:40pm to spend forty minutes making a few heads of hair look like orphan heads of hair from 1933.  it requires much teasing, tying of rags around pig tails, and no brushing.  i’m really not very skilled at the art of dressing hair and i quickly let her have all the adult women who need much more refined styling, but i do what i can for a free ticket here and there.

honestly, this added commitment has made my already busy life just that much more insane.  the amazing part is that i don’t mind.  why?  because little girls are so incredibly darling and i get to spend a few minutes with some of the cutest in the area.  and okay, they think i’m pretty cool and i pretty much like anyone who might think that.  my glasses were a hit today and they all wanted to try them on.

the cutest, right?  i know.  i love little girls.

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