what today consisted of:

1.  eating a whole quart of strawberries.  oh, and that would be me eating a whole quart of strawberries — just wanted to clarify.  i guess i was trying to prove that there is truth in the expression, “too much of a good thing.”  my stomach disliked me immensely around 3pm.  a quart of strawberries is about half a quart too many for anyone to digest at once.

i think that strawberries like this are just the funniest.  i like to pretend it’s a tooth.  or a person and i “walk” it around.

please excuse the chipping nail polish.  you’ll be happy to know that i painted them again this evening.

2.  spending more quality time in my little blue car that is slowly starting to really feel like my own.  i always told myself i would never be one of those kinds of single people.  you know, the kind where you open the car door and you feel like you’re stepping into their house on wheels and you’re not sure how exactly you’re supposed to wedge yourself between the piles of what appears to be complete junk but must mean something to the owner of the car since it’s still piled high on the seats and hasn’t been removed and you find yourself having to step so carefully to avoid all the trash on the floor and suddenly you’re wondering why you got in the car at all?

yup, we all know them.  and if you are one, then you’re probably wondering why i’m poking fun.  why because i’ve joined the club of course!

behold, the passenger seat:

and 3.  today was the first day in awhile that i was cold, cold, cold.  summer, are you leaving us so soon?

no picture for this one.  you can picture a frowning louissa if you must.  that’s what i did every time i noticed the goosebumps covering my body.

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