my own cutoffs

i have a rather disgusting obsession with a girl name julie grey.  she’s pretty much the coolest thing ever and daily i find myself wishing that i could be a tiny bit as thrifty and awesome as she.  so, when i saw her with cutoff shorts last night, i was instantly inspired.  it doesn’t matter that cutoffs are as old as the sun and  it doesn’t matter that i’ve never wanted them before — she made them cool and i knew that i had to get me some.

that “need” lead me to a 4am wake up where i proceeded to dig out a pair of jeans, hack off the legs, and make my own version of her cutoffs.

only slighty obsessed.

3 thoughts on “my own cutoffs

  1. Wow. This brings me back. I remember many times hearing my dad yell up the stairs from the basement laundry room, “HEY! Where are my light blue Levi’s?” Uh, um, well… I think about how BAD I am with fashion now and wish things were as easy now as they were then. I pretty much wore the same tye-dyed Grateful Dead t-shirt and cut-offs everyday for 3 years. And it was rad. Have fun, Louissa. I don’t know who Julie Grey is, but you are definitely way cooler.

  2. Funny you should post this….on Wednesday I went Salvation Army hopping in various towns, as I tend to do on Wednesdays (50% off every color tag except for incoming yellow). I cannot count the many times I thought of you and wished you had been present…I would have made you try on lots of odd things for a good laugh. But I also found many a legitimate frock that you would have dearly loved and purchased at minimal cost. You are already thrifty and there are lots of thrifty things out there that need you to wear them. Long comment over now.

  3. Looking good! Thank you for making them in a legitimate way 🙂 (as opposed to paying big bucks buying them already cutoff—so fake!)

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