the end

and so ends my summer vacation.  tomorrow morning we will pack up and make our way back to our dear old north country and regular living.

have i ever wished so strongly that a break from life never end?  i don’t think so.  but i don’t want this to end.  i just liked it.  i just needed it.  and honestly, i just don’t want to go back to reality.  i’ve rather enjoyed leaving emails left unnoticed for an entire week and most of the time leaving the ever-present blackberry upstairs with not much checking of messages this entire trip either.

i’m sorry if you’ve felt ignored but it’s been a blissful respite for this girl.  she just needed a pause.  and the good news is, she got one.

just being on uncle huck’s boat

One thought on “the end

  1. I’m so so happy you had a break from the busyness of this world. I love leaving the cell phone elsewhere and not checking it.

    p.s. You’re adorable & I love your shorts!

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