i went for a bike ride this evening.

my backside has gotten used to the incredibly uncomfortable seat and i didn’t notice it once.  (no, D, it’s not your bike.  i still need to get new tires for that one!)

i watched the most brilliant sunset of my existence.  the blues, purples, oranges, and reds radiating in front of clouds was enough to waken the coldest heart to inspiration.  for a second i was sure it was the start of Jesus’ second coming.  but then it set and He never arrived.

my tire happened upon an itty-bitty green caterpillar.  it’s dead now.

i’m not sure i’ve ever huffed and puffed so much through my usual bike route.  how does one start out more in shape at the beginning of summer than they are at the end?  i sure am talented.

i took the ride to get away.  no iPod, no people, no noise.  it was cornfields, a setting sun, the caterpillar, and myself.  i stopped to watch the sun dip below the earth and i tried to tell God all the jumbled things in my head.  the most i got out was, “God…  Jesus…  Father of All.”

but that’s all i needed.  i just needed my focus to not be on my jumbled-ness.  it needed to be on Him.

the ride was the best bit of fresh air i’ve gotten in awhile.

2 thoughts on “i went for a bike ride this evening.

  1. Louissa! I’m catching up on blog reading and this post was just too good not to leave a comment on. Great stuff. Really, good God stuff.
    Ready to dive into college ministry again? =) Can’t wait to see you at the family conference!

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