sumo dancing suit

sometimes, in smalltown america, one must be creative when finding ways of entertainment.  the following is how we amused ourselves this evening:

they always told me that my love for cheese danish, cookies, ice cream, and cake would do me in, but i didn’t realize how awful it would feel.

i’m amazed that my friends continue to love me… even when i do such strange things (did i mention that i walked through town in this suit and purchased ice cream from our main street market?).

don’t worry.  we made sure i transformed back to my normal self after getting all the laughs we could from such a costume.

5 thoughts on “sumo dancing suit

  1. I think it’s funny that you had an ‘after’ outfit that looked just like the fat suit you wore!..excuse me..’sumo suit’. I forgot that ‘fat’ is an offensive and bad word in america now.

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