i gotta feeling.

despite waking up moments ago with a completely stuffed nose and a bit of an achy head, i know that today will be wonderful.  final food will be made and a room will be setup and decorated for a baby shower.

it will be wonderful because last night as i drove home from a hayride & bonfire i watched snow come down with fury.  as much as i dislike the long cold winter months, there’s always that childlike joy when you encounter the first snowfall every year (the ground is still bare this morning and that’s fine by me) and somehow that childlike excitement has carried over to this morning.

it will be wonderful because i’m going to be home this morning.  and i love being home.  it’s home to some of my favorite people.  like these two favorite souls:

4 thoughts on “i gotta feeling.

  1. @Liz: so funny! olive mentioned the same thing. she was like, “you girls look cute but umm… did you notice josh before you posted those pictures?” the best part is that i hadn’t. i was so absorbed in my pretty sisters and myself that i totally missed the melancholy grump on the side.

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